Monday, March 2, 2015

Stuck in the warp whole - both of us!

Theres a saying among us Paraguay Asuncion North missionaries. Its "When you get to Luque, you die in Luque" Basically Luque is a warp whole. if you get out your lucky. Now I know what your thinking, Why Luque? Really because its super big. It has three of our 10 zones (the most of any city in our mission) and the zones are the largest zones. so there are lots off missionaries in Luque. Luque isnt that big, its just that for some reason they call the zones Luque a, b and south. The subject line also says both of us. That means I am still with Elder Breton!! I'm super happy about that because honestly, I feel like we deserve one more month. I'll explain why a bit later.

But as for this week it was suuper hot. or maybe its just humid I can't tell the difference anymore. All I know is that my hands felt like they were starting to prune form the sweat.. It was pretty nasty. haha but then we had some cloud cover to help with the blazing hot sun. but it was a pretty good week. First of all to fill you in on why I'm so happy to be with Elder Breton one more change is we have 4 investigators with a baptismal date. Soo yeah... we could have lots of baptisms coming up.. so please don't stop the prayers!!! Our ward hasn't had any convert baptisms since April. 0. and the Hermanas in the other part of the ward have one this weekend. So that means together we can get 5 convert baptisms in a month. so you ready to get to know our investigators (I feel comfortable using names without the last name. Especially because the names are pretty common here)

On the 14th, we have Erika, Karina and Gabriel. They are 15 12 and 10 years old and the children of recent converts that are active. We were super confused on why they didn't get baptized with their parents and it turns out that they didn't listen to the lessons, but they have been going to church consistently the past months and they know the church is true. They didn't want to be baptized thought because the thought they didn't know enough. but know they feel comfortable with the date!! I'm so excited for them!
Family of Erika, Karina, and Gabriel

And on the 21st we have David. He went to church with his dad like 5 years ago, but his dad passed away and he lost contact with the church. But we found him and he has started going again and he loves it!!! They only thing is that he doesn't know how to read. He dropped out of school to start working for his family. He has a 6th grade education but doesn't know how to read. But the awesome thing is that he wanted to start reading the Book of Mormon so he enrolled in school again to learn to read!! He is pretty awesome. Also, he speaks more Guarani than Spanish and so its a little bit difficult to communicate with him. But he loves the church!!!

As for the spiritual thought, It comes from The president of the area, who came to our stake conference. He said there are actually 6 gospels that preach of Christ. We all know the 4 (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John), but what are the other two?, 3 Nephi and.. All of the Book Of Mormon. I hope you enjoy that :)

An Idea for family night, read Doctrine and Covenants 101:55 and talk about that :)

Un abrazo de Paraguay,

Elder Jared
Guarani Plaque

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