Monday, March 16, 2015

The week of miracles

Yup, this week has been pretty miraculous if you ask me. Its been absolutely amazing even though a tad bit frustrating. Most of the miracles may seem small to you, but to me they are huge. There are 4 main miracles I want to tell you guys. So you guys get some stories!! Yeah!!!

Miracle #1:

We have lunch on Tuesday with some members and they just got sealed in the temple sometime last year, They have 4 kids named Bianca (10 years old) Lady (7) Angél (3) and Neggy (1). They thing is Bianca is the daughter of a past relationship and hasnt been baptized. Her mom doesnt want her to be baptized, but she loves the church and wants to be baptized. So thi miracle is... Her father (active member) won custody this week and now Bianca can be baptized!! She Is super excited and really Intelligent and loves to learn. So thats the miracle #1 this week

#2: It was late on Thursday night, and we really needed to get home really quick, but we were a long way from our house. We had just visited Erika, Karina and Gabriel and they live super far away, a solid hour walking home Its about the time that the collectivos start to close and so we were walking pretty fast to get to the road to get on the collectivo. As we are like 30 feet from the road, the last collectivo passes. It was super dissapointing because we had a super long walk and we would get home late. But as would have it, a collectivo that was closed passed by, and we signaled it down and it stopped for us. usually when a driver is done with his route, they dont pick anyone up. But this driver did for some reason. which was super lucky. But this is where things get super awesome, as we go to pay, Hes like "no charge" So we got home on time and saved some money. Supper lucky!

#3: We had some menos activos go to church! We call them super menos activos because they havent gone in forever, and tons of missionaries try, but they just dont go to church! But we have been working with them and helping the Father get worthy to Baptize his daughter who is turning 9 this week. But the awsome thing is that they went to church!! they telll us every week that si o si this is the week. But they never go. So we had a lesson with them and we decided to be very direct with them. We told them that we were trying to help them, but it was up to them to act and recieve the blessings. And it worked!! I just hope they keep going, because I believe they will!!

#4: This is maybe the biggest miracle of all. 2 sundays ago we were talking with Erika, Karina and Gabriel about the baptisim yesterday, and they all said that they were feeling good about it. So we thought it was going to be todo tranquilo, but then we visit them thursday and Erika, the oldest, changed her mind and told us that she wanted to wait a little bit. The most frustrating part is that shw wouldnt tell us why. She just wanted to wait. We were super worried that because she is the oldest, the other two would follow her example. So we asked Karina what she wanted to do. What did she tell us? she also changed her mind and wanted to wait. our hearts droped. We knew they were prepared and they knew they were prepared. they just wanted to wait. But then Gabriel. Sweet sweet Gabriel just pipes up, we hadnt even asked him yet, and he says"I dont know what your thinking, But I want to be baptized!!" so Gabriel got Baptized this sunday and became and example to his two older sisters!! It was awesome to have him get baptized by his dad. he was super brave! Also, I dont trust sending pictures from this cyber because of gamers, Im worried about virurses. 

So thats my week!! Just a perfect mix of Gods love for us!!

Chau chau for now!!

Elder Jared

(Elder Jared isn't able to send photos for now because he doesn't feel as if the computers he is using will be safe...they might have viruses).

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