Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The June Rains


Man I am so glad that today is Pday... I really needed this one. Its not that this week was hard or anything, I don't know. I'm just extremely grateful that is Pday right now. Its a nice time to relax a little bit and prepare for an awesome week.

this past week wasn't hard, I just don't feel like there is much to report. There were rain storms this week and that always makes the work hard. The biggest storm came Sunday morning right before church. So basically attendance wasn't very good.

Daniel (our investigator) works as a truck driver and he got stuck in Buenos Aries and we couldn't visit with him for the week. it was kinda disappointing but it is ok. From what I hear he is reading the Book of Mormon and really likes it. but I've just heard that through the grapevine.

Our recent converts are doing really good. We have Fransisco working on his family history. He is planning on going to the temple at the end of this month to be baptized for his dad. He loves the family history work. Our other Recent convert is doing really well too. Im not sure if i told you about him, his name is Carlos Torres and reads a ton. In fact this week he finished the Book of Mormon! supposedly he has read 3 chapters everyday since hes been baptized in February. And ever since he went to church for the first time. he has only missed twice. so he is pretty awesome. We have some fantastic converts.

And now for the less actives. WE have a lot of them but not much progression is happening. None of them went to church due to the rain. we are really focusing on 2 menos activos Hma Lorenza and Hma Ana. They both will go to church if the conditions are good. But if not they wont go. They are the two that are progressing the most of our less actives. Reactivating is really really hard. and its kinda frustrating but its a part of the work so I love it.

I love you all!! Don't be afraid to write me paper letters too!!

Elder Jared

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