Monday, June 29, 2015

One Quick Change

Yeah, This change is over now. It is amazing to think how quick this change has gone by, but at the same time it feels like an eternity since the change has started. Before this change started I had three companions... 3 comps for 8 months and in this change I have doubled that. Its kinda crazy. so yeah, but everything is great with my companions, Just a little interesting fact for this week.

I dont think Ill have changes, but you just never know whats going to happen. Its a great suprise. Kinda like Christmas every six weeks :) haha. For some reason I think the Bishop thinks that I will leave. Even though half of the missionaries here in aregua have been here longer than I have. But he knew that we had changes and he gave 2 missionaries a little bit of time to bear their testimony in preisthood meeting and then in sacrament meeting. He wanted me to do it in both. So I dont know if its revelation or if ill stay. luckily for me I find out tomorrow, you all have to wait another week.

This week has been really good. we have found lots of good people to teach so Im pretty excited. But there are two that I am super excited about. One is called Guillermo and the other is Richard.

We found Guillermo when I was in the Trio. He was just a street contact, he seemed very interested but the directions to his house were a little bit shaky. He lives in a different area from mine. But this week, I went on divisions to that area and it was like 6:30 at night and we were just contacting, and my Companion (elder Dswson from the Trio) said that he hadnt contacted this one street before so we just start tracting, and not the third house in, we contact Guillermos house, an absolute miracle that we found him again. But so we start teaching him and he just asked all right questions. Like he seriously would ask a question that would be answered perfectly but the next principle that we would teach I.E, He asked ¿why are there so many church on the earth today? bam, the great apostasy, then he asked ¿What makes you all different from all the other churchs? bam, Joseph Smith and the first vision. It was absolutely wonderful. He learned a lot and I feel like he will progress

Richard is the son of a less active that we have been working. Hermana Ana. HeIs 16 but he lived in a different house until this week. He was baptized when he was eight but hasnt been to church in a lon long time. He had forgotten a lot about the church and why its important. But he is very ready to learn and progress. WE felt inspired to talk to him about the book of mormon and how it could help him.  then he just asked a lot of questions and each one could be answered by a verse in the Book of Mormon. So he could see how the book really could answer all his questions. And then, HE WENT TO CHURCH!!!! Even though it was raning, he went to church for the very fist time in nearly 6 years. It was amazing. he is such a quality young man and will be a very good missionary some day. I have so much excitment for him

So there is progresion going on and there is nothing that makes a missionary more happy then seeing people progress!!

All my love,

Elder Jared

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