Monday, June 1, 2015

Change of Heart and Beer Bottles

Man what a week this has been, Lets just say that the trio has been killing it! We've started getting into a groove with teaching and all that stuff. We have been getting along really well and working really hard. And the miracles have been coming.

Our mission president has been encouraging us to put a focus on baptizing, contacting more and helping the people of Paraguay learn the importance of Baptism. So we have been being super bold when it comes to inviting people to baptism. President Mcmullin promised us that if we are bold and not afraid to put dates for baptism the first lesson he said the Lord would soften their hearts. When I first heard this I was super skeptical about doing it. I was afraid that it would seem a bit too pushy and was ready to put that challenge behind me and forget about it. But it was Wednesday night and we had a lesson with a less active and her daughter that is not a member. We taught the restoration and the Book of Mormon and the Spirit was super strong. I just had a feeling that I needed to challenge her to a baptismal date. And she accepted. Her name is Milagros (in English, miracles) and the date is the 4 of July. So the promise from my mission president came true! And more evidence of that comes from last night. We were on divisons with Fransisco and his uncle. So Fransisco was with Elder Silver and I while his uncle was with Elder Dawson. Fransisco gave us this reference and right from the beginning we could tell they were prepared to change. They asked what they would have to change to become members of the church and when we told them that they would have to pay tithing obey the Word of Wisdom, get married, they were super ready to change. They kept telling us that they really wanted to change and already had plans to get married. They don't have a problem with the word of wisdom and said that they were ready to pay tithing even though it would be a great sacrifice. They are super prepared. They are named Daniel and Lili. and have a date for the 18th of July, It's a long ways away but they do have a wedding to plan!

So the dates aren't they only miracle I've seen this week... We have been working with a less active named Lorenza. She went inactive because she had a problem with a leader in the ward. Supposedly their neighborhood got together and own some water supply thing. She thought that the ward leader was stealing money from the neighborhood. The sad thing is she didn't even know if he did steal. So that's why she stopped going to church. We have spent the past 6 weeks with her trying to help her forgive. but she just couldn't. Thats when the miracle comes in. Tuesday we had planned to teach her about how we can feel the spirit from the Book of Mormon. But we ended up teaching repentance. It was a great lesson. And the best part of all was that the end, she told us that she was going to church! And She did!! It was great!!

So two hearts were changed this week. Mine and Lorenza's. Now I know what you're thinking. What are the Beer Bottles? Well... We had a family home evening with Hermana Lorenza and her family, and she prepared a little dinner. As she brings out the drinks they were all beer bottles... We were like uhh..... But she's like "Relax, I refill them with soda!" so yeah, we drank soda out of beer bottles!

This Pday was an adventure. We wanted to climb a hill that is close to our house but is absolutely covered in jungle. There wasn't really a pathway to the top so we brought our Machete and made a path. The view was great!! you could see Asuncion and the lake. Absolutely gorgeous! I also recreated my jumping photo. And just for kenna, some pictures of the roads we walk!

Love you all! I just hope you are all happy as I am!!

Elder Jared

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