Monday, June 8, 2015

The Tables Have Turned!

This has been another crazy week… yeah. As you know, I have been in a trio for the past 2 weeks. I loved being in a trio but ow its all over. I have a new companion. His name is Elder Calderón. He was born in Peru, but the last 8 years hes lived in Portland Oregon. So it is a possibility that he knew Evan Johnson when he was there. He has the same time as me on the mission and will go home with me. He really likes speaking English and I am used to speaking Spanish so he will talk to me in English and I reply in Spanish. So the tables have turned.

Not too much has happened this week. It seems like forever since I've had a pday. It always seems like its been forever when I have changes. So this week has flown by but has lasted forever. Weird how that works out eh? Haha its weird how time goes on the mission. The days are long and the weeks are short and the months are even shorter. I don’t understand how that can happen!! I am no longer considered a greenie now! Haha so once again, the tables are turned!! Haha

Milagros lives in the area of Elder Dawson and Silvers my old companions) so I won't really be able to visit with her. But I did see her at Church yesterday so she is progressing really good. Daniel and Lili are still in my area,. I absolutely love going to visit them. They are so genuine in their desires to change. They told us that they will only be baptized if it will truly change their lives… And they have already seen the changes. Daniel is a truck driver and is gone during the week so we visited them on Saturday. He told us that his week was unusually good and that he has been more patient since starting to converse with out Heavenly Father (Padre Celestial). He tells us that before he would just recite the Lord's prayer before. So prayer has really changed his live for the better. They are just such great investigators and their situation is just absolutely fantastic. I might have told you, but it doesn’t hurt to hear it twice. They live across the street from the Elders Quorum president. They just moved in a few months ago and immediately the Familia Domiguez (EQP) started fellowshipping them. Not by inviting them to church, but by being a friend. And that has helped Daniel and Lili so so much. They have noticed something different about him from the other neighbors. SO shout out to good examples… hurrah! Hurrah!!

But they didn’t go to church this week because there has been a little bit of a bug that has been going around. It kept them from church as well as 3 other menos activios we have been working with. But all in all, we had a good turn out at church. From our ward we had 113 come. So that was more great news!!

Have a great summer my family! Love you just as much as I love this work!

Elder Jared

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