Thursday, September 4, 2014

Almost there!

This is my lasts group email until I am out in the field!! its the moment I have been dreaming of since i was a wee little niño! Seriously though. I am SOOOOOOOO Excited to get out there and help people come unto christ. Its been an amazing expierence here at the CCM. There is no better way to learn a language then to be immeresed in the culture. Its also amazing how much the lord blesses you! I feel like I have recieved the gifts of tounges It is absolutely wonderful to beable to speak with the natives. its wonderful.

Not much has been happening this week. Its been the same everyday. But we did ahve a cool expierence on saturday. It was almost time to get picked up and we just wanted to talk to this one last guy. He saw us walking down the street, cigarrette in hand, and he just stareted running for us. As it turns out, he is taking the lessons from other missionaries. once we started talking with him, he put out his cig, and started to tell us how the lord has blessed him. My favorite thing that he said was << before the lessons i was smoking three packs a day, But now I am down to one!!>> It was so cool that he recoginzed how much the lord has hepled him. And you could see the light of Christ in his eyes. It made a hard day of proselyting so worth it.

the next email you get from me may be from Paraguay! and I am so excited!

Love you all,

Elder Brandon Jared

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