Monday, September 22, 2014

What!?!?! Another week?!?!

My goodness. Time is absolutely flying out here. I seriously feel like it was yesterday that I last emailed. Things are moving so quick. I haven't gotten a picture of the Alligators yet because the lady hasn’t been home when we have gone to visit. So hopefully sometime soon!!

We still don’t have any progressing investigators so that’s a bit rough. We just had ward counsel and they challenged us to get a baptism in a month and a half. So we are working really hard on that. There’s this family that is sooo close, we just can’t get them to go to church!! But we won’t give up on them. Also we found this family that has been taught like five years ago. So maybe they planted the seed and it’s our turn to harvest. They have so much potential for baptism. I just hope they start making commitments!!

I have been working really hard on understanding the people. It’s very difficult to understand the sometimes. They really like to slur their words together. But I am confident that the Lord will bless me with the gift of tongues sooner or later. If not it is going to be a long two years, but I feel like things are going to start clicking here pretty soon. I am just going to study as hard as I can. And put my faith in the lord. That’s all I can do. After I have done my best, the Lord does the rest.

I have district meetings every Tuesday. I like them because I can understand their Spanish. So that’s tons of fun. There’s a companionship that lives just down the road that is in our district. Our district has three companionships and they are super fun. I. Love. My. District. They are too great.

We are fed by the members almost every day. Except for Monday and Thursdays. And the food is soo good!! It’s always a lunch appointment because the major meal down here is lunch. Right Before the siesta (I wish it could have a siesta too sometimes). And so we are always on our own for dinner. Good thing there is a store right across the street that sells the best Empanadas in all of San Lorenzo. So for dinner we get one or two. Maybe three. Just depends. Ha-ha.

The lease on our apartment ends in October. So we have to find another place to live ASAP. It’s stressful because we don’t have enough time to go house hunting! Hopefully we find a place with AC (the one we have now doesn’t have it.), Hot water and a Mirror. I don’t know when we are going to find time to apartment search so it will be an adventure!!

Pdays are my favorite days, it’s a nice little stress relieving day. The morning is all the same. until 10 when we start doing fun things. Like today we went to the office and ate at burger king which is chuche (slang for rich people things). And it was so good. I didn’t realize how much I missed it. Haha. But for Pdays there are fun things that we are going to do. We have a list on the fridge. There’s a soccer museum that we are going to visit. stuff like that. So Pdays are the best.

I was reading a conference talk my Russell M Nelson and he said something that is very applicable to all of us. He said that ¨Faith is the Antidote for fear¨ if you have faith you need not fear. So I hope this week’s spiritual thought helps out a bit!!

I love you all and you are constantly in my prayers,

Elder Jared
Pics of the sun!! So pretty!

It was the chilean independance day this week so we made legit Chilean hotdogs

Look at the size of the avacado we bought!

We had a noche de hogar (FHE) and we made brownies! Soo good!

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