Thursday, September 4, 2014


This is a poem an Elder in my district wrote. I love it. And this weeks phrase is nunca darse por vencido. Or never give up. I have applied it and i hope you do to

Pondering faith as it pertains to needs
I remember how young Alma taught about seeds
I remember the Ammonites who buried their weapons of war
And Alma the Elder who believed on the testimony Abinidi Bore
How can I have faith like unto them
to wade through afflictions and guiles of men
could I have my savior to guide
My thoughts, my actions and stand by my side
But Ammonites were slaughtered as the scriptures told
Well the savior beckoned come into my fold
Alma the Elder was laughed at and fled
Down to the wilderness to lie with the dead
Still Alma the younger talks about seeds
And how one day they will grow into tall trees
So where is the faith and how does it work
How in in the sight of these terrors can I not shirk
Nevertheless the though comes to me
That faith never was the seed or the tree
Faith is to plant and to take tender care
reaping the fruits that will someday be there
For the Ammonites sons fought with great force
Because their mothers had known and then the course
Once again I look to the past
As Alma the Elder did pray and did fast
His son was the younger and now I can see
How faith now relates to a beautiful tree
From the faith of our fathers we see the reward
The fruits of their labors to bury the sword
Then comes our faith and the fruits of our tree
It goes to bless others not just you and me
From here I see the original tree
Christ the savior our lord, who saved you and me
kneeling down in Gethsemane
He went forth with faith putting down this first seed
Now let us go down and take of his fruit
And start sharing seeds not being a mute
For as Missionaries we stand faith firm with no fear
Declaring the good word to all that will hear
For this is how faith pertains to our needs
When we follow the savior where e'er he may lead
And then we fill all with that blessed seed
And give of our fruit to feed all of their need.

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