Monday, September 15, 2014

Oh How awesome my mission is

Hello family and friends!!

So much has happened in the past week. it has been quite the expirience. Ill start from the beginning of my Paraguay expirence. The airport in Asuncòn is absolutely tiny. Like a little bit bigger than the provo airport. No joke. But as soon as we steped out of the airport, it was like getting hit by a wall of heat. I have never been more sweaty or happy in my life.

Next we had orientation at the mission home. just things about budgeting, healthcare boring stuff like that. But the really cool thing about that night was the APs had a baptism so we got to attend which was really cool. That night soo neat!! We didnt have enough time to do all the interviews so we stayed the night in the mission home and had to wait to meet our trarners. That happened the next day in the morning at like 10. So that morning we woke up and did our studies and all that stuff and then we met our trianers. to do that they had our pictures up on a powerpoint. they would show the trainer first and the the greenie. And I was the first one shown!! It was such a relief to not have to wait. My trainers name is Elder Torres and he is from Chile.  My trainer has been out 6 months so he is young. But he speaks some english. So the shock was dampened. just a bit. haha. But he is super nice and is a real hard worker! so we have been doing real good together.

Brandon with mission president and wife and trainer, Elder Torres
So after we talked for a bit we went to our area which is called Kokuerè. The zone is called Capital A and the City is San lorenzo. (see "Where Am I?")  which is just like an hour east of asunciòn. But my area borders the south mission and the Capilla (chapel) that we attend is in the south mission! so I get to go into kimballs mission everyweek. How Cool is that!!!! but I love that area. Its so neat. My fist view of the apartment was a bit of a shock. I will send some pictures. but its small, There is no mirorr which makes shaving quite interesting and there is ZERO hot water. So showering makes you wake up real quick. But I absolutely love that place for some reason. its quite endearing. Haha never though i would use that word but it fits the place perfectly. And Its only my companion and I so we get lots of bonding time. good thing I love him already.
Brandon - from the balcony of his first home in San Lorenzo

Study Area in San Lorenzo

Kitchen in San Lorenzo
San Lorenzo skyline
So after i got all situated in the apartment we went and visited some investigators. We visited this lady named Gladys and she had really small crocodilles for pets. 4 of them! and she had a pond with fish so we caught some fish and fed them to the crocs (which by the way in Guarani is Jakare. I didnt know how to spell it so its say it how it sounds. And remeber the j is spanish sounds like an H!!)!! They make the absolute oddest sound while eating. Its quite terryfying. I wish i Had a camera to send a picture but i had left it!! I was so disapointed! but whatever. Ill ask to see them someother time. That was maybe the coolest thing that has happened to me.

Investigator's pet Croc!

Heres a list of words that I have learned. I will put a G next to the ones that are Guarani. And I am typing it how it sounds

Panaway(G)-last child
Purete(Paraguayan saying)-cool. I use this one a lot.
Macanas(G)- stupid things.

I know they are kinda random but I just wanted to she with you what I am learning!!

In my area there are alot of less actives. so we focus on them alot. The people are just soo non commital. they just want to sit around and drink their terere (its like an herbal tea). So we dont have a ton of people in our area that are active. Actually just one family. But that family is so great. We do have some investigators but none of them are progressing. So we just keep visiting and letting them take their time. I feel like we might be getting close on two. but we will have to see. I hope next week ill be able to tell you more.

The next thing I wish to talk about is the food. Its AWESOME!! Empanadas, Chipas, Lomitos Arabe.... sooo amazing!! Empanadas are meat wrapped in dough and fried or baked and they are soo amazing!! Chipas is like bread stuffed with cheese and that to is amazing!! but my favorite has to be Lomito Arabe. Its hard to explain..... but i heard its like Schwarma (from the avengers anyone?). its like a burrito and is absolutely delicios!! then theres the soda. They have this brand called Niko. and its cheaper than water here. and its really good!! we get it for like 2 mill which is like 50 cents.

I have been spat on, been cussed out by drunk people, told that i was too young to be doing this and all that stuff. but for some reason i love it here and am working hard. Its tricky to understand what the people are saying, I can pick up`just a bit. But whenever I bear my testimony and I cant really understand what the lesson was about, I just testify of the spirit. It made a lady cry once... which was cool that she felt the spirit when I testified. (Ps that lady was the croc lady) but it was soo awesome.

I absolutely love it here and am looking forward to the next two years.

Love Elder Jared

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