Monday, September 29, 2014

Flies in my soup!

Yup the subject line doesn’t lie. We went to a member’s house for lunch and she brought us soup. And I look down and there are two dead flies in there. I know the member didn’t mean to put them there but still it was a bit shocking to see two flies!! So I just pulled them out and put them in a napkin. haha

I am emailing a little bit later than usual today, because we decided to have lunch with a family of investigators. After lunch we taught the first lesson. And they had sooooo many questions about the restoration and stuff. But it was awesome to see that our answers helped them!! Throughout the lesson I could see a change in the way they were thinking and I could tell that the Spirit was doing his job on them!! They still are a little bit skeptical about Thomas S. Monson being a prophet, but they accepted to attend a session of conference on Sunday!! And after the lesson we asked them to be baptized and they said if they felt that President Monson was really a prophet!! It’s always a safe bet to put your money on the Prophet so I am content with that. But seriously, we started the lesson at 2 and ended at 530. But hey, we answered questions and allowed them to feel the spirit.

 This week has been a regular week. Lots of walking, clapping, jumping on and off collectivos (Hopefully I can get a picture next week, I didn’t take much this week so I hope y’all will forgive me). We still haven’t had any success on getting investigators progressing (minus the Purete lesson today). For those that don’t know what a progressing investigator is it is an investigator that has kept all their promises and have attended church and have accepted baptism. So if the family we taught today goes to conference, they technically are progressing! Keep your fingers crossed!!

This is for my mom, you know you are in Paraguay when you are sitting on the sidewalk waiting for a bus and your face starts dripping sweat. In the springtime. It’s starting to get really hot. And humid. But bring it on!! I am so ready. haha

So its conference this week and I am super excited!! I don’t know how much I am going to understand so I will be praying for the gift of tongues especially hard this week. But hope you are preparing your spirits for the guidance of our leaders! They are called of God and have received inspiration of what to talk about, se we just need to listen! Not only with our ears, but with our heart. There will be something in this conference that will speak to you, and will help you in your life. I guarantee it. I hope life in the states is swell and awesome because it is sweet down here!!

With all my love, Elder Jared

The fruit is called mbycrya. I honestly dont know how to pronounce it or spell it right but it makes super yummy juice!! and it gives some missionaries odd dreams. I must not be drinking enough haha. 
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