Thursday, September 4, 2014

Just for mom - 9-4-14

I have been super confused about who is sending out the group email, and the big email that i send is the one i send to everyone but I dont have everyones email, so if youre forwarding my emails it would be great if you just keep doing that. It would be a lot easier on me. Thaks for doing that! And I dont have trevins email. so i havent emailed him! and I have been emailing Emily so I have that one :) haha

to answer questions. For proselyting they load us on a bus and give us a map. drop us off at a point in our area and tell us to be back there at a predetermined time. Its just me and my companion in the area and it is super fun to try to talk and understand the natives.

I am doing all of those things like meds and stuff, but I am not doing multi vitamin because they always have a salad bar and I feel like i get good nutrition. haha. One thing i learned is that if you massage you head once a day it will help with baldness. someting about increased blood flow.

You know when you are in argentina when you and the only other car on the road are inches away from eachother. Seriously, the drivers here are insane. Its scary. haha im glad my mission is a walking one!

More to come in a big email,

Love you!
Elder Jared

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